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Bonomarlot A-20 Natural Bone Marrow Peptide - available in 20 & 60 capsules
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Available in 20 & 60 capsules boxes
Bonomarlot is a dietary supplement with natural bone marrow peptides.
Supports a Healthy Bone Marrow Functions.
A-20 Bonomarlot is manufactured in the form of capsules, containing 10 mg of active peptides.
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Bone marrow is the blood cell ‘factory’. Healthy bone marrow releases blood cells into the bloodstream when
they are mature and when required. Without bone marrow, our bodies could not produce the white cells we
need to fight infection, the red blood cells we need to carry oxygen, and the platelets we need to stop bleeding.
This leaves the person unable to make the new blood cells they need to fight infection and recover.

Peptide supplements: Serve the same role as peptide bio-regulators developed naturally in the body. They can
be divided into natural and synthesized Russian peptides.

Natural Peptides Bundles:

Digestive System: A-7 Svetinorm, A-1 Suprefort, A-10 Stamakort.
Cardiovascular system: A-3 Ventfort, A-14 Chelochart, A-6 Vladonix.
Central nervous system: A-5 Cerluten, A-3 Ventfort, A-7 Svetinorm.
Immune system: A-8 Endoluten, A-6 Vladonix, A-3 Ventfort.
Locomotor apparatus: A-4 Sigumir, A-3 Ventfort, A-6 Vladonix, A-21 Bonothyrk.
Carbohydrate metabolism disorders: A-1 Suprefort, A-3 Ventfort.
Lipoprotein metabolism disorders: A-7 Svetinorm, A-1 Suprefort, A-3 Ventfort.
Thyroid gland: A-2 Thyreogen, A-3 Ventfort.
Body detox: A-6 Vladonix, A-7 Svetinorm, A-8 Endoluten, A-20 Bonomarlot.
Professional or psychoemotional stress: A-6 Vladonix, A-8 Endoluten, A-17 Glandokort.
Visual organ: A-11 Visoluten, A-5 Cerluten, A-3 Ventfort.
Urinary excretory system: A-6 Vladonix, A-12 Chitomur, A-9 Pielotax.
Male health: A-13 Testoluten, A-16 Libidon, A-17 Glandokort.
Female health: A-15 Zhenoluten, A-2 Thyreogen, A-3 Ventfort.
Respiratory system: A-6 Vladonix, A-19 Taxorest, A-3 Ventfort.
Intensive physical activity: A-6 Vladonix, A-4 Sigumir, A-3 Ventfort, A-18 Gotratix, A-5 Cerluten.

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Posted by Jack Menton on Mar 28th 2017
Bonomarlot is a great product to help your bones. My family member had an issue with this and after I told them to start taking this, they claim to have gotten better.