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Our Story

For years, Sparta witnessed and experienced first hand the life-stalling and crippling effects of failing musculoskeletal function- whether by athletics, accidents, work, or inevitable aging. Movement is essential to health and critical to quality of life. Movement should not be compromised. Motivated by this and the numerous complications that may arise with surgery, we set out to substantially advance the treatment paradigm within the orthopedic space.

Looking at our larger impact as well, we are further compelled to develop and deliver solutions that substantially reduced the lifetime healthcare cost borne by hospitals, payer institutions, and patients.

Focus Areas

Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuff tendon tears are a result of injury, repetitive
motion, or aging

30M+ People with rotator cuff tears in the US

4.5M Annual visits as a result of
shoulder pain

940K Rotator Cuff repairs procedures
by 2030

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Knee Cartilage Degeneration

Knee cartilage degeneration is result of injury, aging, and

32.5M Adults with osteoarthritis

12.5M Annual visits as a result of knee pain

800K Knee Cartilage repair procedures by 2030

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