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Digestive system
Digestive system

Digestive system peptides are used for various conditions associated with the dysfunction of digestive organs. There are peptides for improving the health of the pancreas or enhancing liver functions. They can be used for preventing or managing diseases associated with these organs, such as diabetes, hepatitis, and other disorders.

Suprefort: for the pancreas
Suprefort is a cytomax containing peptide bioregulators of the pancreas. They specifically affect only the pancreatic gland cells without affecting other internal organs. The supplement restores optimal organ functionality, normalizes metabolism and the work of the entire digestive system.
Svetinorm: for the liver
Svetinorm is a natural peptide supplement that contains liver peptide bioregulators. They act on the liver cells, restoring their functional activity. As a result of the supplement's activity, the liver effectively fights toxic substances that get into the body, preventing body intoxication and normalizing intracellular metabolism. The liver participates in digestive processes, controls carbohydrate metabolism, cleanses the blood, and stores its supplies for the case of massive blood loss.
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