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Male health
Male health

Peptides for male health work on preventing various diseases of the male reproductive system. They can help normalize levels of male hormones, improve libido and male fertility. These peptides are also recommended for the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunctions in older men.

Libidon: for the prostate gland
Libidon is a cytomax containing peptide bioregulators isolated from the prostate gland of young animals. They have a targeted effect on the prostate parenchyma cells, normalizing their metabolism by triggering protein synthesis. The supplement restores the functions of the prostate gland, regardless of the cause of its disorder, including inflammatory diseases or age-related disorders. Libidon restores men's reproductive health: it solves the problem of decreased libido associated with chronic stress, helps to restore intimate life.
Testoluten: for the Male Reproductive System
Testoluten is a supplement based on natural peptides (cytomax), isolated from the testes of healthy sexually mature gobies. Testoluten is designed for the male reproductive system improvement. Peptide bioregulators of the testes selectively act on the cells of the seminiferous tubules, activating the synthesis of sperm cells, improving their quality and motility. Also, it normalizes testosterone production.

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