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Musculoskeletal system

Peptides in this category are used to improve the musculoskeletal system's health. It is recommended for people who are involved in high-intensity physical activities and those who suffer from age-related changes. Some peptides help muscles recover more effectively and increase endurance. Others affect cartilaginous tissue, therefore helping to treat degenerative disorders of joints and preventing osteoporosis and rheumatism.


Peptides in this category are recommended for the prevention of vision loss, including age-related vision change. They also protect your eyes from negative factors that we all get exposed to and help reduce stress from the eyes. These peptides can help relieve accommodation spasms and improve blood circulation.


Peptides in this category can be used for treating* as well as prevention of oncological conditions. They can improve the ability of the organism to protect itself from the effect of negative factors and reduce the risk of developing cancer. In cancer patients, such supplements help the immune system get rid of tumor cells. *cannot be used as a sole treatment of cancer

Immune Support

Peptides for the immune system positively impact the overall health because this system works in various ways protecting our organism from all sides. These peptides improve the immune system, thereby enhancing natural defenses against infectious diseases, malignancies, various stress factors, and immunodeficiencies.

Excretory system

Peptides for the excretory system are used for preventing urinary tract pathologies. They enhance the health of kidneys and bladder, improve their function and protect from age-related changes in tissues. These peptides are also recommended for people who suffer from urinary incontinence or kidney stones as well as other excretory system disorders.

Humans may live to 120 in just 60 years time.
“It is important to understand that nobody would want to live a long and unhealthy life. The main goal for us now must be to allow people to stay healthy for as long as possible into their old age.”
”One of the key indicators of ageing is the reduction of protein synthesis. We have come to the conclusion that it is possible to restore it to a normal level with the use of peptide bioregulators”

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