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Longevity R&D looks like the Internet in the 80s: promising, but a very few people know about it. It took some time to be accepted by the public and create a whole new world. We need to make all the feasible steps to push longevity science and industry to the same life-changing level
Fayez Azeez

The development of Longevity science and all related research regarding different conditions is accelerating. However, it doesn’t affect most people, as these developments are very far from completion, written in scientific language, and hard to understand.

New theories should be well-known and supported by the general public. That is a slow and arduous process, which requires a social paradigm shift. That’s the only way to get social support, including acceptance of new ideas, social life activities in accordance with a new (and widely accepted!) paradigm, financial support, increasing interest in these subjects, and therefore much larger number of educational efforts: teachers and courses on all levels, starting from middle school and universities, students looking for promising knowledge and eventually good jobs, government, and society changes to adjust to the growing number of seniors, etc.

The AGE2B mission is to build a bridge connecting R&D and the general public, promote new longevity discoveries, support promising developments and make the longevity movement a common, NORMAL part of life. We must increase public interest in research and development, present longevity scientists and companies as the most important individuals and entities, which is needed by everyone.

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