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Welcome to The Advanced Spine and Outpatient Surgery Center

national leader of minimally invasive spine surgery

Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD

Advanced Spine Surgery Center
Union, New Jersey

Atlantic Spine Center


What Is A Surgery Center?

Surgery Centers allow doctors to perform low risk procedures and minimally aggressive surgeries.

Surgery Centers can also be referred to as Ambulatory surgery centers, Outpatient surgery centers or Same-day surgery clinics. These facilities comply with the laws and regulations for both the federal and state level approved health care. At a surgery center, fairly quick, low risk, non-complicated surgical procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay are performed


6 Common Questions Patients have about Going Home after Endoscopic Back Surgery

1. How will my pain be controlled at home?

You will be given prescriptions to fill at your pre-operative appointment several days before your surgery. Make sure you have these filled and picked up prior to the day of surgery. Do not wait until after your surgery. These will be medications that may need to be started within just hours of arriving home to keep you comfortable while you recover.


How to be Better Prepared for Your Surgery

Being prepared for your procedure helps you, your family and your doctor. Below are some common guidelines. Always check with your doctor for your personal instructions as each procedure and patient with have their own unique details to follow.

2 weeks before: Make sure you understand your procedure completely. If you have additional questions, it is never too early to ask. Review your medications with your doctor and make sure you are aware of any modifications you will need to make for your surgery. If you smoke, stop smoking. Among other things the side effects of smoking result in decreased circulation, weakened lung function, and increased blood pressure; all of which either stifle your recovery or can even cancel your surgery altogether. Focus on a healthy regimen. Eat healthy, try to get good sleep, and stay away from those that may have a contagious illness.


Advanced Spine Surgery Center: Our Team of Top Doctors

At ASSC we have an excellent staff of doctors. You can read all of their profile details on our Meet Your Doctor page. For a quick summary, our surgeons include Dr. Liu, Dr. Aranas, Dr. Bitan, Dr. Frazier, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Shiau, Dr. Lu, and Dr. Beiro. Our anesthesiologists include Dr. Demesmin and Dr. Bannister. Our pain medicine and physical rehabilitation doctors include Dr. Zheng, Dr. Kang, and Dr. Chen.


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