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How do I prevent dislocating my shoulder?
Requested by Age2B visitor
by AGE2B

Most prevention techniques are quite obvious. Avoid falling, and if you do, learn how to fall properly. Rolling into the fall, staying loose, and tucking in your arms lessen your risk of dislocating your shoulder. Try to fight against the natural instinct to reach out and stop the fall with your arms–that’s a quick way to break your wrist or elbow, if not your shoulder.

Athletes, when they can, should wear protective gear, like pads or shoulder braces. Of course, in contact sports like mixed martial arts, there’s no real way of wearing protective gear for your upper body. Athletes who participate in high contact sports can focus on strengthening muscles around joints for better support.

It is also important to get checked by your physician if your shoulder starts feeling too tight or loose, as it can possibly prevent an impending dislocation. Immediately stop any physical activity when your shoulder starts hurting.

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