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Is it safe to be circumcised as an adult?
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by AGE2B

Circumcision is not a medically necessary procedure in almost any circumstances. Reasons that parents choose to have their children circumcised tend to be cultural or religious. Infant boys who are not circumcised have a higher risk of urine infections in the first 6 months of life, but then that risk goes away. There are no real reasons to seek circumcision later in life unless it is something you desire for cultural or cosmetic reasons. In developing countries, there have been some studies showing that men who are circumcised are at lower risk of contracting HIV, but it is not clear if the situation is the same in the United States as people tend to be more careful and use protection during sexual activity. If you do wish to have a circumcision, you could set up an appointment with a urologist to discuss the issue. Circumcision in adults is more painful than in infants, however, there are few other risks from the procedure. There is a slight risk of infection immediately after the procedure while the circumcision is healing, which can be managed with proper wound care.

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