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The AGE2B mission is to build a bridge connecting longevity R&D and the general public, promote new longevity discoveries, support promising developments and make the longevity movement a common, NORMAL part of life. We must increase public interest in research and development, present longevity scientists and companies as the most important individuals and entities, which is needed by everyone.

We’re working with startups and well-established companies across the world to identify the most promising products and services, collect all possible information regarding their effectiveness, and bring them to our seniors.

Target Audience
List of people we expect to market to
User Age Total Citizens, Milion Our Users, Milion
70+ 36 1
65+ 17 1
65+ 21 1
55+ 22 2
50+ 20 3
45+ 20 4
40+ 20 4
Total 96 16
Benefits of Joining Age2B Vendor Network

To be presented as part of a complex approach to longevity and a healthier life

To have exposure to the US seniors market, get connected with local medical professionals and networks

Get help with marketing, contacts, and other services

Improve your presentation with reach medical videos and other tools
(lease visit for the complete list of services)

Marketing Channels

SEO campaigns via Google, SMM, etc.

Container video campaigns in YouTube, TikTok

Influencers advertisement based on our avatars and our “Influencer Creation” factory

Currently, we’re testing different types of Vendor profiles as Product (Supplements - Glutrasol, Khavinson Peptides) and Service (Doctors/Practices/Clinics) providers
Cost to participate in Age2B Vendor Network
No introductory price
Free for 12 months
2.9 %
2.9-4.9% of sales amount
Depending on the Vendor Agreement and discount
volume to AGE2B customers

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