A pilot multi-centre prospective randomised controlled trial of RECELL for the treatment of venous leg ulcers


Paul D Hayes 1, Keith G Harding 2, Susan M Johnson 3, Charles McCollum 4, Luc Téot 5, Kevin Mercer 6, David Russell

Main idea: This study indicates that application of autologous skin cell suspension + compression accelerates healing in large venous ulcers.


Venous leg ulcers (VLUs) have a significant impact on approximately 3% of the adult population worldwide. The standard care for VLUs is compression therapy, with a significant number of ulcers failing to heal. Wound size is a risk factor for non-healing, especially for ulcers up to 80cm2 in size. A randomised, multicentre, prospective, randomised trial evaluated the safety and effectiveness of autologous skin cell suspension (ASCS) combined with compression therapy. Additionally, subjects treated with ASCS + compression experienced a decrease in pain and an increase in HRQoL compared with the Control.


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