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Analysis of Glycemic Improvement in Hemodialysis Patients Based on Time in Range, Assessed by Flash Glucose Monitoring

By AGE2B team
October 20, 2021


Introduction: This study aimed to investigate the application value of “time in ranges (TIRs)” in dialysis patients with diabetes and summarize the experience of optimizing glycemic control by flash glucose monitoring (FGM) system.

In this monocentric 2-week pilot study,  flash glucose monitoring was applied for 14 days in 57 type 2 diabetes mellitus medically stable patients under maintenance hemodialysis to determine their glycemic improvement. The diagnostic value of time in ranges  versus hemoglobin measurement in detecting glucose fluctuations and levels was evaluated using receiver operating characteristic analysis.Average glucose exhibited stronger association with TIR than hemoglobin, and glycemic excursion rate had the same conclusion . We found a significant improvement in TIR and a significant decline in  glycemic excursion rate compared to the baseline without deterioration of time spent in hypoglycemia.

Conclusion: TIR seems to be feasible and clinically useful for analysis in dialysis patients with diabetes, and flash glucose monitoring can be used to improve glycemic control. Also,flash glucose monitoring is a useful reliable method that can be used in various comorbidities of diabetes.

Source Karger

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