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Are there exercises to boost rehabilitation?
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Particularly in the early days after a spinal cord injury, you might be tempted to languish in bed. Moving around certainly seems counterintuitive when you've suffered a catastrophic injury to your body. However, exercises after a spinal cord injury can expedite your SCI rehabilitation, in addition to offering several health benefits.

Exercises Ideas:

Yoga: ideal for spinal cord injury survivors because the gentle stretching encourages healthy breathing patterns, and can reduce the pain of spending all or most of the day in a wheelchair.

Water Aerobics: The water reduces pain and joint trauma, and helps support your weight even if you've lost a significant portion of your mobility or sensation.

Weightlifting: Lifting weights can help you regain significant muscle control. It will also enable you to maintain strength in regions unaffected by your spinal cord injury.

Seated Aerobics: You can still get an incredible aerobic workout from your wheelchair. The doctor can recommend seated aerobic classes targeted to spinal cord injury survivors.

Rowing: Rowing is an ideal aerobic activity because it requires movement in the upper body, but uses the lower body to stabilize movements, making it an ideal choice for injury survivors with incomplete spinal cord injuries.

Walking: If your spinal cord injury is incomplete, or you have only sustained nerve damage, you may still be able to walk. Maximize your muscle function by walking as frequently as is comfortable, maintaining a steady gait, and an upright posture.

Exercise benefits:

·       Improving mental health by reducing depression and anxiety;

·       Reducing the risk of cancer;

·       Improving symptoms of chronic pain;

·       Helping to avoid chronic illnesses such as diabetes and osteoporosis;

·       Reducing the risk of falls;

·       Improving the chances of living a longer life.

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