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Cervical Radiculopathy | Anatomy

By AGE2B team
January 14, 2022

Cervical radiculopathy is a condition that occurs when an intervertebral nerve root in the cervical region of the spine is compressed or pinched. Radiculopathy can affect all cervical nerve roots, but most often this pathological process involves C6 and C7 nerves.

Cervical radiculopathy is less prevalent than other types of radiculopathies and occurs in 83 cases per 100,000 people of world population. The cervical region of the spine is made up of seven vertebrae, which are designated as C1 through C7. The cervical region of the spine is very mobile. Its mobility is ensured by the facet joints, the intervertebral discs, and the spinal ligaments.

The cervical region of the spine is curved forward. This curving helps to absorb pressure, vibrations and shock that occur with movement.

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