Effect of enamel matrix derivative on wound healing following gingival recession coverage using the modified coronally advanced tunnel and subepithelial connective tissue graft: a randomised, controlled, clinical study


Alexandra Stähli 1, Jean-Claude Imber 1 2, Elena Raptis 1, Giovanni E Salvi 1, Sigrun Eick 1 3, Anton Sculean

Main idea: Early wound healing following recession coverage by means of MCAT and sCTG does not seem to be influenced by the additional application of EMD.


Objectives: The potential effect of enamel matrix derivative (EMD) on wound healing following recession coverage surgery is still controversially discussed in the literature. The aim of this randomised, controlled, single blinded clinical study was, therefore, to investigate clinically and immunologically the potential effects of EMD on early wound healing and clinical results following treatment of single and multiple gingival recessions by the modified coronally advanced tunnel technique (MCAT) and subepithelial connective tissue graft (sCTG).

Materials and methods: A total of 40 systemically healthy patients with Miller class I, II, or III single or multiple gingival recessions were treated with MCAT + sCTG with or without EMD. Inflammatory markers (interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-8, IL-10 and matrix metalloprotease (MMP)-8) were measured at baseline, The following clinical parameters were assessed at baseline and at 6 months postoperatively: Recession Depth (RD), Recession Width (RW), Width of Keratinized Tissue (KT) and Probing Depth (PD). Patient-reported outcomes were analyzed by means of a visual analog scale.

Results: No statistically significant differences were detected between the 2 groups in terms of inflammatory markers and patient-reported outcomes during early wound healing. In the test group, RD was reduced from 4.0± 1.2 mm at baseline to 0.9±1.3 mm at 6 months. At 6 months, mean root coverage measured 78 ± 26% in the test group and 77 ± 18% in the control group, respectively.

Conclusion: Within their limits, the present data have failed to show an influence of EMD on the clinical and immunological parameters related to wound healing following recession coverage surgery using MCAT and sCTG.


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