Effects of a positive thinking program on the hope and sleep quality in Iranian patients with thalassemia: a randomized clinical trial


Main idea: Since the training program on positive thinking improved the hope and quality of sleep in patients with thalassemia major, the use of such courses as an important step toward promotion of hope and sleep quality among these patients is recommended. Trial registration: Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials.


Thalassemia has a negative impact on the patients’ psychological health and quality of sleep. This study aimed to determine the effects of a positive thinking training program on the hope and sleep quality of patients with thalassemia major.

This randomized clinical trial was conducted on 78 patients with thalassemia major including 36 males (46.2%) and 42 females (53.8%) with a mean age of 25.56 ± 29.6 in Iran. Subjects were randomly assigned into experimental and control groups. The experimental group received 16 h training based on positive thinking materials published by Martin Seligman. The control group received only the usual programs.

Results: The experimental group had a significantly higher mean hope score compared to the control group immediately and one month following intervention. Moreover, the mean sleep quality scores of the experimental group were significantly greater than those for the control group immediately and one month after the intervention.


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