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How can I prevent bursitis?
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The prevention of bursitis should focus on the avoidance of kneeling that causes friction and mechanical trauma on the knees. If kneeling is necessary, knee pads and sitting/kneeling support should be used.

Working for prolonged periods with arms above shoulder level causes friction on the bursa of the shoulder. To avoid bursitis in the shoulder, it is necessary to raise the worker by using a platform or to lower the work object.

General prevention steps include:

  • Strengthen muscles around the joint, but begin new exercises or activities carefully.
  • Take breaks from repetitive tasks. Stop activities that cause pain.
  • Use foam for kneeling or elbow pads.
  • Increase the gripping surface of tools with gloves or padding. Apply grip tape or an oversized grip.
  • Use two hands to hold heavy tools.

If you have a history of bursitis or tendinitis, ask your doctor or therapist before beginning new exercises and activities.

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