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How is a kidney stone dissolved?
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by AGE2B

Kidney stones are hard deposits of material that are excreted by the kidney. Most of the time, kidney stones are made up of calcium and some other material. They form inside the kidney, but usually only cause major problems if they move down into a tube called the ureter, which delivers the urine to the bladder. The ureter is small and thus can be clogged with a kidney stone if it decides to move out of the bladder. It is typically not a great idea to have these treated unless they are causing symptoms. What you should do is start a treatment plan that will help prevent them from forming in the first place. Most treatment plans include drinking more fluids and perhaps taking a medication that reduces the amount of calcium your kidneys excrete. By doing this, your kidney stones may dissolve over time. Urologists can break kidney stones into small pieces, causing them to dissolve. Your urologist may be referring to a technique called lithotripsy. This is a technique where sound waves are used to pulverize kidney stones and cause them to dissolve.

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