Impact of a Ketogenic Diet on Metabolic Parameters in Patients with Obesity or Overweight and with or without Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials


Yeo Jin Choi 1, Sang-Min Jeon 2 3, Sooyoung Shin 2 3

Main idea: The study findings confirmed that ketogenic diets were more effective in improving metabolic parameters associated with glycemic, weight, and lipid controls in patients with overweight or obesity, especially those with preexisting diabetes, as compared to low-fat diets.


The aim of this meta-analysis was to explore the efficacy of a ketogenic diet in metabolic control in patients with overweight or obesity and with or without type 2 diabetes. The effects of ketogenic diets on glycemic control were greater for diabetic patients relative to those of low-fat diets. Ketogenic diets led to substantial weight reduction irrespective of patients’ diabetes status at baseline and improved lipid profiles in terms of lower triglyceride and greater high-density lipoprotein. Other risk markers showed no substantial between-group difference post intervention.


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