Integrin-mediated adhesive properties of neutrophils are reduced by hyperbaric oxygen therapy in patients with chronic non-healing wound


Monica Baiula 1, Roberto Greco 2, Lucia Ferrazzano 2, Alberto Caligiana 1, Klarida Hoxha 3, Daniele Bandini 3, Pasquale Longobardi 3, Santi Spampinato 1, Alessandra Tolomelli

Main idea: combined therapy between hyperbaric oxygen therapy and integrin antagonists have a greater antinflammatory efficacy.


HBOT can promote healing in patients with diabetic ulcers and chronic wounds due to reduction of inflammatory cytokines and decrease in neutrophils recruitment to the damaged area. Neutrophils are receptors mediating the neutrophil adhesion to the endothelium. Effect of HBO on the receptors could be of great importance for the design of novel therapeutic protocols focused on anti-inflammatory agents, say the researchers. The research was published in the Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine.


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