Lack of effect of tart cherry concentrate dose on serum urate in people with gout


Lisa K Stamp 1, Peter Chapman 2, Christopher Frampton 1, Stephen B Duffull 3, Jill Drake 1, Yuqing Zhang 4, Tuhina Neogi 4

Main idea: Tart cherry concentrate had no effect on SU or urine urate excretion.


Objectives: Cherry concentrate has been suggested to reduce serum urate (SU) and gout flares. The aims of this study were to determine the magnitude of the effect of tart cherry concentrate on SU in people with gout, the most effective dose of tart cherry concentrate for lowering SU, and adverse effects.

Methods: Fifty people with gout and SU > 0.36 mmol/l were recruited. Half were on allopurinol and half were on no urate-lowering therapy. Participants were randomized to receive tart cherry juice concentrate twice daily for 28 days.

Results: Cherry concentrate dose had no significant effect on reduction in reduction in SU area under the curve, urine urate excretion, change in urinary anthocyanin between day 0 and day 28. 24 reported adverse events, with only one (hyperglycemia) considered possibly to be related to cherry concentrate.


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