Longevity of the Novel ConvaTec Infusion Set with Lantern Technology



Current insulin infusion sets are approved for only 2-3 days. The novel ConvaTec infusion set with Lantern Technology is designed to extend infusion set wear time. The goal of this pilot study was to evaluate the duration of the wear time for this set. It was a pilot safety study in adults with type 1 diabetes using tethered insulin pumps. Participants inserted the set and wore it for 10 days or until failure. Among 24 participants, 2 were excluded. 45% of the sets lasted 10 days. The median wear time was 9.1 (7.1,10.0) days. Among 12 premature failures: 6 (50%) involved adhesive failures, 4 (33%) hyperglycemia unresponsive to correction, 1 (8%) hyperglycemia with ketones, and 1 (8%) infection. Average CGM glucose per day of infusion set wear demonstrated a statistically significant increase over time, while total daily insulin over the same period did not change. In this pilot study, the duration of wear for the novel infusion set exceeded previously reported commercial sets. This extended wear technology may eventually allow for a combined glucose sensor and infusion set.


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