Nutrition-based interventions for mood disorders


Main idea: nutrition-based strategies for gut microbiota modulation are promising fields in mood disorders.


‘Nutritional Psychiatry’ is an emerging area of research that has great potential as an adjunctive tool for the prevention and treatment of diverse neuropsychiatric disorders. Obesity, dietary patterns, gut microbiome composition, and gut permeability, bioactive food compounds, and nutrients can influence pathways implicated in the pathophysiology of mood disorders.

Consistent evidence from observational studies has pointed out the association between a ‘healthy’ diet and decreased risk of mood disorders and the parallel association between a ‘Western’ diet pattern and increased risk. Only a few clinical trials have evaluated the effect of nutritional interventions on the treatment of these conditions. The bidirectional interaction between the brain and the gut, named ‘brain-gut-microbiome axis’ or ‘Gut-brain axis’ plays a key role.


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