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Complex CurcuminPro® Complete BCD + Svetinorm: for the liver
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CurcuminPro® Complete BCD
Derived from curcumin, CurcuminPro Complete BCD is the world’s only BioSoluble BCD Curcumin on the market.
Svetinorm: for the liver
Svetinorm is a natural peptide supplement that contains liver peptide bioregulators. They act on the liver cells, restoring their functional activity. As a result of the supplement's activity, the liver effectively fights toxic substances that get into the body, preventing body intoxication and normalizing intracellular metabolism. The liver participates in digestive processes, controls carbohydrate metabolism, cleanses the blood, and stores its supplies for the case of massive blood loss.

The bundle includes two components:  Svetinorm, 60 capsules and CurcuminPro® Complete BCD, 90 capsules

CurcuminPro® Complete BCD + Svetinorm complex is the right choice for maintaining your liver health. Patented BCD formulation allows efficient absorption of curcuminoids that help reduce liver damage and play a role in treating some liver conditions. Svetinorm complements such effect by restoring the functional activity of liver cells. Together these supplements improve the functioning of the liver and related organs.

Recommend directions: Svetinorm – 2 capsules per day / CurcuminPro® Complete BCD – 3 capsules per day, or as needed.

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