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CurcuminPro® Detox

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Natural Effective CurcuminPro DETOX promotes strong and healthy liver, kidney, and digestive functions while supporting the entire body. The combination of CPRO (derived from organic Turmeric) and TerraPro provides support for the total body while giving an extra boost to the GI tract. CurcuminPro Detox provides critical relief from toxins, ketones, viruses, and free radicals. To provide a daily boost, and complement a healthy and active lifestyle, the positive immune response will enhance joint movement and help ease joint discomfort. Additionally, it can help impact the overall health of the body. TERRAPRO CLAY provides liver support to help reduce hangovers and improve recovery time, Protects against free radicals and ketones, and flushes toxins and other bound contaminants out of the body through the waste stream. Our proprietary organic blend is designed to improve your overall health. The capsules contain no gluten, starch, soy, piperine, or fillers. Key Ingredients – CPRO® WPI, CLAY CAS-UPSN 100 AC-S POWDER.  Take 2 capsules up to 4 times a day, or as needed.

Key Benefits

  • Shown effective at binding and removing aflatoxins in humans and animals.
  • Supports heart, joint, brain, and immune system health
  • Natural pain relief and joint support
  • High level of curcuminoids – each capsule contains 400mg CPRO® WPI and 100mg TerraPro™ clay



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