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Vesugen: for vessels

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Vesugen is a supplement containing cytogens, peptide bioregulators of blood vessels synthesized by plants. It acts to restore and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Vesugen improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Therefore, it is recommended as prophylaxis against alterations in heart function caused by aging. In addition, this supplement is effective in correcting various vascular disorders.

It is worth mentioning that it is not a drug. Instead, Vesugen is a supplement that works in conjunction with the primary treatment.


Peptides composing the Vesugen are helpful for the prevention of vascular diseases. In addition, they are recommended for people with:

  • vegetative dystonia
  • nervous tension, stress
  • hypertension of varying severity
  • atherosclerosis
  • violations of blood microcirculation in blood vessels
  • varicose veins
  • spasm of cerebral vessels
  • ischemic heart disease
  • encephalopathy
  • disorders of cerebral circulation
  • tachycardia

Vesugen increases the effectiveness of drugs used for the complex treatment of chronic diseases related to the cardiovascular system and helps achieve long-term remission.


Contra-indications for the use of Vesugen include:

  • allergic reactions on the lactose and gelatin (gelatin is part of the capsule shell)
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding (consult your doctor first)

Instructions for the use of Vesugen

Suitable for people over 18 years of age. Take 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. The average duration of the course is 10-30 days (1-3 packs).

The course can be extended whenever the disease is severe or comorbid conditions are present. In addition, peptide bioregulators of other organs can be added as well as therapeutic and preventative drugs. If you have chronic diseases, you should only take the Vesugen after consulting your doctor. It is recommended to take 2-3 courses a year to prolong remission.

Vesugen has no side effects and does not cause addiction. It serves as an additional peptide source.

Store in a dark place at a temperature up to 77 degrees °F (25 ℃).

Composition of Vesugen

  1. Peptide complex AC-2 (vascular peptides).
  2. Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, beet sugar, lactose, starch, tween-80.

Results of Vesugen’s action

With its vessels-supporting peptides, Vesugen reduces hypertensive crises and normalizes blood pressure. In patients with vascular pathologies of the brain, it improves memory, attention, and thinking. Furthermore, it helps relieve psycho-emotional stress and restores heart rate. In addition, Vesugen improves overall physical well-being and helps cope with insomnia and headaches. According to the instructions, Vesugen must be taken as a course. Only in this case can you get a lasting therapeutic result.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How to buy Vesugen

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