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Zhenoluten + Testoluten: for the Female and Male Reproductive Systems

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Zhenoluten is a cytomax that contains peptide bioregulators of the ovaries of young animals. This medication is beneficial for women’s reproductive health. It contributes to restoring the cyclic activity of the ovaries and egg maturation, normalizes hormonal status, and improves menstrual function.

In addition, Zhenoluten normalizes the production of estrogens and progesterone, reducing hormonal disbalance manifestation.

This medication contributes to faster conception and smooth pregnancy, prevents the early onset of menopause. The goal of Zhenoluten is not the elimination of specific disorders but restoring and improvement of the whole reproductive system’s health.

Testoluten is a supplement based on natural peptides (cytomax), isolated from the testes of healthy sexually mature gobies. Testoluten is designed for the male reproductive system improvement. Peptide bioregulators of the testes selectively act on the cells of the seminiferous tubules, activating the synthesis of sperm cells, improving their quality and motility. Also, it normalizes testosterone production.

The therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the Testoluten have been proven – it is effective for any disorders of sexual function and fertility in men. In addition, this supplement is recommended in cases of reduction of testosterone levels, hypofunction seminal glands, and infertility development. Testoluten maintains male reproductive system health and restores erectile function in mature and old age men.


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