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The Effect of Tai Chi for Improving Sleep Quality: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

By AGE2B team
November 7, 2021

Main idea: Compared with non-therapeutic and other active treatments, Tai Chi has a positive effect on improving sleep quality. In-depth analysis showed that 24-form and 8-form Yang style Tai Chi have significant positive effects on sleep quality, as assessed by PSQI.


Sleep quality is a major concern around the world, yet currently there are no recognized non-pharmacological treatments. A systematic review and meta-analysis investigated Tai Chi’s effect on patients with sleep complaints, both those with insomnia and those with other conditions.

Results: Twenty randomized controlled studies from five countries covering 1,703 patients were included and divided into two control groups. Tai Chi had a significant effect on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) compared with non-treatment and active treatment groups. Moreover, the articles were divided into groups according to Tai Chi styles. Both 24-form Yang-style Tai Chi and 8-form Yang-style Tai Chi had significant effects on PSQI.

Source ScienceDirect

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