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What are normal glucose levels with the finger prick method (meter) on both one- and two-hour tests for non-diabetics?
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If you already have undefined neuropathy, you should consult an endocrinologist. More emphasis is now being placed on 2-hour levels than on fasting levels.

Severe neuropathy would reflect years of hyperglycemia, and would generally manifest first as peripheral neuropathy. "Severe" implies that you already have a loss of sensation, compromised sight, etc. If this describes you, and you have not been referred to specialists before now, a referral is long overdue. Nutritional supplements can be prescribed. B vitamins and magnesium are compromised with neuropathy and should be taken together with a nutrient-dense diet. All diabetic diets are not equal in terms of balance and nutrient quality. Choose your practitioners now carefully; seek second opinions as necessary.

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