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What are the symptoms of adult-onset Still’s disease?
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In adult-onset Still’s disease, symptoms typically come and go in episodes. For some, these go on for about a year, and then the disease goes away. For others, the episodes come on randomly, going away for weeks or months and then coming back. You may also have chronic adult-onset Still’s disease, where your symptoms are more constant.

Usually, the first symptoms are:

  • A high fever that spikes once or twice a day;
  • A warm, pink rash on your trunk and arms that appears with the fever.

Your joints start to ache a few weeks after your fever and rash show up. This joint pain and stiffness can last for 2 weeks. You’ll typically feel it in your wrists and knees.

It could also happen in:

  • Ankles;
  • Shoulders;
  • Elbows;
  • Fingers.

You may also have:

  • Pain and swelling in your abdomen;
  • Sore throat;
  • Swollen lymph nodes;
  • Weight loss;
  • Pain when you take a deep breath.

Your spleen and liver can also swell, and you may have inflammation in your heart or lungs.

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