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What are the warning signs of arthritis?
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Pain from arthritis can be ongoing or can come and go. It may occur when you're moving, or after you have been still for some time. You may feel pain in one spot or in many parts of your body. Your joints may feel stiff and be hard to move. You may find that it's hard to do daily tasks you used to do easily, such as climbing stairs or opening a jar. Pain and stiffness may be more severe during certain times of the day, or after you've done certain tasks. Some types of arthritis cause swelling or inflammation. The skin over the joint may appear swollen and red and feel hot to the touch. Some types of arthritis can also cause fatigue.

Warning Signs:


Pain from arthritis can be constant, or it may come and go. It may occur when at rest or while moving. Pain may be in one part of the body or in several parts.


Some types of arthritis cause the skin over the affected joint to become red and swollen, feeling warm to the touch. Swelling that lasts for three days or longer or occurs more than three times a month should prompt a visit to the doctor.


This is a classic arthritis symptom, especially when waking up in the morning or after sitting at a desk or driving a car for a long time. Morning stiffness that lasts longer than an hour is a good reason to suspect arthritis.

Difficulty moving a joint.

It shouldn’t be that hard or painful to get up from your favorite chair.

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