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What can be done to balance sugar level, which is 90 before breakfast and 200 after a moderate cereal-toast breakfast?
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by AGE2B

An Oral Glucose Tolerance Test should be performed. You are experiencing hyperglycemia, which, as an initial diagnosis, generally manifests as slowly elevating fasting glucose. Ideally, your fasting glucose should be closer to 80. 100 is pre-diabetes.

Your breakfasts should consist of more protein and fewer carbs. Good choices include egg, yogurt, nut butter, cheese, meat, oatmeal, etc. The target is 20-30 grams of protein at each meal. Any carbs you eat should have fiber: whole-grain toast, fresh fruit, etc. Breakfast cereals generally don't fit these criteria unless you search for a type with higher fiber. An overabundance of plant foods can be recommended to clean out your system and give your liver a work break. This should help to improve your metabolism. Make sure you have essential fatty acids in your intake: fish/plant foods are the main sources.

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