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What is the treatment of adult-onset Still’s disease?
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by AGE2B

There are several medications that can help with your symptoms. Your doctor will choose the best options for you depending on how severe your disease is and the side effects that you feel.

These medicines include:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). You can try over-the-counter options to help with joint pain and inflammation. Your doctor can prescribe stronger NSAIDs if the over-the-counter options don't work.
  • Steroids. Ones are a common treatment for most people with adult-onset Still’s disease. They work well to ease inflammation. But they can also make infection and osteoporosis more likely.
  • Biologic response modifiers. Some drugs power down your immune system to help ease inflammation.
  • Doctors are still looking into how they work long term. If other medications haven't worked, your doctor may suggest other immunosuppressive drugs.

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