Wound Conforming Matrix Containing Purified Homogenate of Dermal Collagen Promotes Healing of Diabetic Neuropathic Foot Ulcers: Comparative Analysis Versus Standard of Care


Lois A Chandler 1, Oscar M Alvarez 2, Peter A Blume 3, Paul J Kim 4, Robert S Kirsner 5, John C Lantis 6, William A Marston

Main idea: Wound Conforming Matrix is a treatment modality to accelerate diabetic foot ulcers healing rates, with the potential to reduce the likelihood of infection and other complications, and cost of care.


Objective: The study compared outcomes of diabetic foot ulcers treated with a collagen Wound Conforming Matrix (WCM) or standard of care (SOC).  Approach: WCM, a highly purified homogenate of 2.6% fibrillar bovine dermal collagen that conforms to the wound surface, was evaluated in comparison to daily saline-moistened gauze dressing changes (SOC) as part of a retrospective subset analysis of a randomized controlled trial in DFU. Following a 2-week run-in period during which patients received SOC, patients whose wounds did not reduce in area by >30% during run-in were randomly assigned to receive WCM (one or two applications) or SOC. Results: Statistically significant acceleration of early healing rates was observed following a single application of WCM with weekly outer dressing changes compared with daily saline-moistened gauze dressing changes (SOC). 50% of patients receiving a single application of WCM achieved a 75% reduction in wound area compared with 13% for SOC. WCM appeared to be safe and well-tolerated, with no adverse events related to treatment and no evidence of an immunologic reaction to bovine collagen.


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