A randomized trial of class 2 and class 3 elastic compression in the prevention of recurrence of venous ulceration


Main idea: The results obtained in this study suggest that class 3 compression stockings provide a statistically significant lower recurrence rate compared with the class 2 compression stockings.


Background: Venous leg ulcers (VLUs) are a major health problem because of their high prevalence and associated high cost of care. Despite the widespread use of compression, treatment recurrence rates remain high. Numerous studies have suggested that regular use of compression stockings reduces VLU recurrences. However, there are limited data concerning how long compression hosiery should be worn after ulcer healing and which class of compression hosiery achieves better results in the prevention of VLU recurrences.

Results: Rates of ulcer recurrence after the 5 years of follow-up were 28.98% for the compression class 3 group and 60% for the compression class 2 group . Patients in the compression class 3 group experienced significantly longer absolute and proportional ulcer-free time after 5 years than those in the compression class 2 group. Rates of noncompliance after 5 years were 10.23% for the compression class 3 group and 6.25% for the compression class 2 group .


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