Abnormal Sensations


Dysesthesia is a distortion in the sense of touch. There are several different types of this condition.

Dysesthesia is an unpleasant and distorted sense of touch. It brings about aching, burning and tingling pain and happens most often in the upper or lower limbs. It often is manifested in other forms, such as pain.

The most typical symptoms are sensations of tingling and numbness. These may be felt in any area of the body, but they are usually the most prevalent in the hands and feet, and in the legs and arms. Many other factors can cause dysesthesia, such as not maintaining your posture in good alignment, or sleeping with your arm underneath your head.

If symptoms of dysesthesia persist and no apparent cause is found, this could be a symptom of an injury or a disease, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or multiple sclerosis. The course of treatment you and your doctor will plan depends on your diagnosis.


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