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Condition. Growing pains

By Editorial Team (A)
November 23, 2021

Growing pains are usually described as a throb or an ache. It can occur in the calves of the legs, behind the knees, or on the tops of the thigh. Most of the time, growing pains happen in both of the legs and occur at night. Moreover, sometimes they can even wake up a child who is sleeping.

Even though they are known as “growing pains,” there is no physical reason for growth to cause pain. In some cases, growing pains might be associated with psychological issues or lower tolerance to pain in some children.

No specific treatment exists for growing pains. However, sometimes the pain is eased by applying warm heat to the area that hurts. In addition, gently massaging the legs may be beneficial for children with growing pains.

Growing pain causes

Nowadays, there is no known cause of growing pains. There is no physical reason for growth to cause pain in a child. Growing pains typically don’t occur during periods of rapid growth or in places of the body where the most growth is happening. Some experts think the growing pains may be associated with restless legs syndrome. The most likely reason for the muscle pain that occurs at night is believed to be the overuse of the muscles during the daytime. Activities like climbing, jumping, and running can stress the musculoskeletal system and cause growing pains.

Risk factors

Growing pains frequently happen in preschoolers and school-age children. They happen a little more often in girls than they do in boys. Climbing, jumping, or running during the daytime may increase the chance of growing pains occurring during the night.

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