Fabrication of In Situ Layered Hydrogel Scaffold for the Co-delivery of PGDF-BB/Chlorhexidine to Regulate Proinflammatory Cytokines, Growth Factors, and MMP-9 in a Diabetic Skin Defect Albino Rat Model



Diabetes mellitus (DM)-associated impairments in wound healing include prolonged inflammation, the overexpression of matrix metalloproteases (MMPs), and low levels of growth factors at the wound site. A metalloproteinase, or metalloprotease, is any protease enzyme whose catalytic mechanism involves a metal, which are involved in the crucial processes in the cells. The treatment with metalloprotease MMP-9 in diabetic rats improved wound healing. This metalloprotease activated angiogenesis, the bioavailability of collagen, DNA content, and VEGF-A levels. Furthermore, enhanced skin cells  interaction along with ordered collagen dremodeling, which are characteristic to wound healing.


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