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Fibromialgia Tips

By AGE2B team
January 31, 2022

Fibromyalgia Tips To Help Reduce Stress in the Body

1. De-Stress

The symptoms of fibromyalgia can be triggered by stress, so finding ways to minimize stress can help improve the quality of your life is one of the best fibromyalgia tips. One quick and easy way to control the amount of stress your body feels without changing your external circumstances is to practice deep breathing. Simply breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Other methods that have been shown to decrease stress include yoga, sleep, fibromyalgia exercise, and meditation. Think about activities or hobbies that you enjoy to use a fibromyalgia tip for de-stressing to make you feel better. When stress threatens to steal your sense of peace, relax for awhile with one of those activities.

Benefits of Fibromyalgia Exercises

It has been proven numerous times that exercise provides a lot of health benefits, but for people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the benefits of exercise go a long way from just decreasing pain.

Here are some of the benefits that fibromyalgia exercises provide:

  • Fibromyalgia exercises increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is more commonly known as the “feel good” hormone. People with fibromyalgia have decreased a level of serotonin which causes the development of mood swings.
  • Exercises help drop cortisol levels. Pain can cause stress, anxiety, and other health problems. Fibromyalgia exercises can help with relaxation and manage one’s stress levels.
  • Fibromyalgia exercises help with sleeping problems. People with fibromyalgia usually have sleep disorders that can cause intense pain and weakness. Exercise is good for keeping active during the day and promote better sleep quality at night.
  • Fibromyalgia exercises help manage pain. Research has shown that exercise work like prescribed non-opioid analgesic for pain relief. Although exercise takes up more time, it has no side effects and it’s free.

2. Jot It Down

People with fibromyalgia often experience “fibro-fog” and find it hard to focus or have difficulty remembering at times. To help overcome this annoying symptom, keep a paper and pencil handy and jot things down. Keeping to-do lists or even writing down questions or topics you want to discuss with your family members or spouse is one fibromyalgia tip many people find helpful. Tuck a notebook or address book containing important names, phone numbers, and addresses in your pocket or purse and carry it with you.

3. Pamper yourself

Taking a warm bath isn’t only good for your emotional health, it helps to relax tense, painful muscles so you can move around more easily too. If you can’t get all the way down into the tub, put a stool in the shower for a do-it-yourself sauna. Sit and relax in the warm steam. Endorphins are special chemicals which block the body’s response to pain. They may be increased by moist heat, explaining why a hot bath or shower is a great fibromyalgia tip to use at bedtime.

4. Decaf your drink

Caffeine is a stimulant. That means it potentially adds to both psychological and physical stress. Because it stimulates the central nervous system and the heart, it can increase your anxiety, make you nervous, and can add to problems with insomnia. Coffee isn’t the only caffeine-culprit. Beware of it in some teas and soft drinks. Chocolate also contains caffeine. To ensure a good night’s sleep, avoid caffeine anytime from late afternoon on.

5. Take time for you

Life with fibromyalgia is complicated. You have some very unique health challenges. Making time for yourself is an important fibromyalgia tip. This will help you combat stress so you have more energy to do what you’re called to do. What makes you feel good? Is it a hobby? Listening to music? Taking time to rest? Whatever it is, setting aside time daily to nurture yourself is an essential fibromyalgia tip to include in your treatment plan.

6. Work easier

Do you leave work at the end of the day completely worn out and battling pain? If so, talking to your employer about possible changes to make to your routine is an important fibromyalgia tip. Could your day be arranged so you could come into the office later? Could you work part-time from home?  Consider your office work-space and arrange it for your comfort. Avoiding stretching and bending is also important. Maybe the addition of a keyboard tray, a lumbar support for your back, or a telephone headset to decrease the amount of stress on your body are helpful fibromyalgia tips you can use.

7. Practice saying “No”

Learning to say “No” is one fibromyalgia tip you may need to practice.  Fibromyalgia may fool people because it is an “invisible” illness. You don’t look sick, so people may forget, or simply may not know, you’re not always readily available. Set priorities, and when considering an invitation, activity or favor asked by others think about the impact it will have the amount of time you need to spend on yourself to stay well.

8. Sleep well

Sleeping well is essential, so make sure you’re getting enough rest. Try these fibromyalgia tips to sleep better:

  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and cool.
  • Try to turn off electronics like the television, computer and your cell-phone about an hour before bedtime so you can unwind and de-stress.
  • A warm bath or shower is relaxing before bed
  • If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try soft music.

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