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Jenny Craig’s Diet

By Editorial Team (Y)
June 16, 2022


Nowadays, many people gain weight because of eating unhealthy prepackaged meals due to a lack of time for cooking. Jenny Craig’s diet offers the delivery of healthy prepackaged, low-calorie meals and support from the coach. Jenny Craig’s diet is a program that promotes healthy weight loss through calorie restriction, fat reduction, and portion control. In addition, this diet aims at eliminating guesswork regarding what to eat, simplifying the weight loss process.
The plan provides its clients with packaged foods that cover all meals and most snacks; these are supplemented by fresh food from the grocery store. In addition, Jenny Graig’s diet provides support and motivation through face-to-face or phone meetings with a consultant.

Key points

Jenny Craig’s diet promotes eating prepackaged meals and working with a personal Jenny Craig coach in order to lose weight. To start the program, you need to sign up for the Jenny Craig plan on their website or at a local Jenny Craig center. 

To simplify the process of weight loss, this diet program provides prepackaged meals and snacks. These meals can be delivered to your home or picked up at a local Jenny Craig center. In this program, meals are planned by food science experts and dietitians. In addition, the foods are made without artificial colors or sweeteners, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or monosodium glutamate (MSG). 

You can also sign up for a personal Jenny Craig coach, who will provide you with an exercise plan for weight loss, assist you in appearing challenges during the program, and identify your strength. You will meet with your coach at least once a week, either virtually or in person, at your local Jenny Craig center. 

Once you have lost half the weight, you will start cooking a few times a week and lessen your reliance on Jenny Craig meals. Moreover, after losing all excess weight, you should begin the Maintenance Program. As a part of the Maintenance Program, for the first month, you will meet weekly with a health coach and gradually eliminate Jenny Craig foods. By the second month of your transition to the regular diet, you will have monthly check-ins with your coach and eat your meals. However, if you prefer convenience, you can include a few Jenny Craig meals. 


It is unknown whether Jenny Craig’s diet is safe to follow during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How to avoid possible nutritional deficiencies

There are no possible nutritional deficiencies risks in Jenny Craig’s diet since you receive all nutrients your body needs from the delivered prepackaged meals.

Tips on improving your dieting experience

  • You can always ask for advice at local Jenny Craig centers or by phone.
  • Jenny Craig offers 31 unique menu options: frozen, packed, and shipped meals.
  • You can follow Jenny Craig’s Healthy Habits Blog to get motivation, recipes, exercise articles, testimonials, and more.


Jenny Graig’s plan offers prepackaged, size-controlled meals and coach support. Besides weight loss, this diet may also improve heart health and blood sugar levels.
Typically, people following the Jenny Craig diet may lose 1-2 pounds (0.45-0.9 kg) a week. Moreover, long-term members tend to maintain a healthy weight for years. However, it may be too expensive for some people, while others may not like the idea of eating primarily prepackaged and highly processed foods.
You may also consider following a Mediterranean or Nordic diet to improve your health.

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