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Symptoms. Corns and Calluses

By Editorial Team (Y)
February 15, 2022

Symptoms of calluses and corns

Corns and calluses symptoms include:

  • A rough and thick area of skin
  • A raised bump that feels hard
  • Pain or tenderness under the skin
  • Dry, waxy, or flaky skin

Corns and calluses are two different conditions

  • Corns have a center core that is stiff and inflamed skin surrounds the middle. They are not as big as calluses. Corns most often form on areas of the feet that do not bear weight, but they can also develop in the regions that do bear weight. Common locations for corns include the sides and tops of toes and between two toes. Corns may cause pain when they are pressed. 
  • Calluses rarely cause discomfort. They are typically found on the bottom of the foot, especially on the ball of the foot or under the heel. On the hands, they are most common on the palm. They can also form on the knees. Calluses can be large in size, and they vary in shape. Most often, they are larger than corns. 

When to see a doctor

If corns or calluses become inflamed or very painful, it is better to see a doctor. People who have diabetes or other conditions that impair circulation should not treat corns and calluses themselves. This is because the infection can develop very quickly with even a minor foot injury in these conditions.

Corn and calluses diagnosis

To confirm corns and calluses diagnosis, your doctor may perform the following procedures:

  • Physical examination. Physicians inspect and examine the area and rule out other conditions that may be causing the skin to thicken, such as cysts or warts. 
  • X-ray. In some cases, an X-ray may be recommended to check for an abnormality that might be causing the formation of corns and calluses. 

Click Here to read about Treatment.

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