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Symptoms. Frozen Shoulder

By Editorial Team (Y)
February 15, 2022

Symptoms of frozen shoulder 

The typical symptoms of frozen shoulder are pain and stiffness. Frozen shoulder typically develops gradually in three stages. The frozen shoulder symptoms for each stage are:

  • Freezing stage. Whenever you move your shoulder, you experience pain, and your range of motion becomes restricted.
  • Frozen stage. Although frozen shoulder pain may gradually diminish during this stage, the stiffness of your shoulder increases, and it becomes more challenging to use it.
  • Thawing stage. You begin to notice an improvement in shoulder range of motion.

However, each stage may last for a number of months. In addition, some people experience worsening pain at night.
Frozen shoulder pain is typically aching or dull. Also, pain from the frozen shoulder is usually felt over the outer shoulder area and sometimes in the upper arm.

Frozen shoulder diagnosis

The first step in getting treatment for frozen shoulder is being seen by a health care provider for a history and physical examination. Then, tests may be recommended in order to rule out if it is a frozen shoulder diagnosis or other conditions that may be causing limited movement in the shoulder and pain.

Click Here to read about Treatment.

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