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Treatment. Growing pains

By Editorial Team (A)
February 22, 2022

Growing pains don’t typically associate with any severe physical condition. However, it can cause significant discomfort to the child.

Growing pains treatment

There is no cure or specific way to treat growing pains. The pain does not cause other problems, and growing pains do not affect a child’s growth. They usually subside gradually over time. Even if they don’t completely go away, they typically become less severe. The discomfort of growing pains can be eased by gentle massage, applications of mild heat, or other home remedies.

Home remedies and helpful advice

Home remedies to help ease the discomfort of growing pains include:

  • Gentle massage. Gently rubbing the legs often helps ease the pain. Some children feel better when they are just held or rocked. 
  • Mild heat. Heat may help relax sore muscles. Use a heating pad at bedtime or in the evening. It is worth mentioning that you should turn the heating pad to the lowest setting. Be sure to remove the pad when the child is asleep. A warm bath may be soothing. 
  • Pain relievers. Child-strength ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help relieve growing pains. Do not give aspirin, as is it associated with Reye’s syndrome. The last is a serious condition connected with the use of aspirin in children. 
  • Stretching. Stretching the legs during the daytime may prevent growing pains from occurring at night. Talk to your physician about what exercises might help.

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