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What are common egg allergy triggers?
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Eggs are a hidden ingredient in many foods; even some commercial egg substitutes contain egg protein or egg whites. That’s why it is so important to read the label or ask about ingredients before buying or eating food. Ingredients in packaged foods can change at any time without warning, so check the ingredients carefully every time.

Eggs can be found in foods including:

  • Ice cream;
  • Canned soups;
  • Salad dressings;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Beverages;
  • Candies;
  • Meat-based dishes like meatballs, meatloaf;
  • Eggs can also be found in some medications and vaccines. Avoiding eggs can be a challenge and can pose significant quality of life issues.

Baked Egg Breakthrough

When eggs are heated thoroughly, the proteins change shape, and for some people, this could mean that their immune system will no longer overreact to the protein. In fact, studies have shown that 70% of children with an egg allergy can actually tolerate baked foods containing eggs, like a muffin or a cookie. This means some people with an egg allergy can go to a birthday party and eat the cake, as opposed to skipping the cake (or the party). A simple blood test can help your healthcare professional determine if you’re a good candidate for an oral food challenge to see if you’re likely to tolerate baked eggs.

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