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“Easy posture” training principles

By Editorial Team (2)
January 30, 2022

All the parts of “Easy Posture” system exercises have their logic. You have to start from the BASIC COURSE. It is important to train every day to help your neuromuscular memory memorize and repeat correct poses and moves. You will need two-four weeks to seal the results. Minimal training time for reaching results is one week. But to seal your skills you have to train at least during a month, in this case you will get a habit of maintaining correct posture.

You can use the rest of the exercises as you wish. That is you can either use all the additional exercises every day or use different kinds of them on different days. Training plan can be as follows:

  • 1 – day:
    • “Basic course: Posture – Pose”
    • “Posture – Walk”
  • 2 – day:
    • “Basic course: Posture – Pose”
    • “Posture – Move”
  • 3 – day:
    • “Basic course: Posture – Pose”
    • “Posture – Life”

On the fourth day of training you can make a pause, and then repeat the 3-day course. Remember that you have to include the exercises of the basic course “Posture – Pose” into training. While you are getting used to doing the whole course you can work put your own scheme and combine different exercises from this course. Your fantasy is not limited.

Of course, you can combine “Easy Posture” exercises with your own training plan, fitness, yoga, jogging or any other physical load including exercises from my other books (“Smart Neck”, “Smart Back”, “Smart Loin”, “Antipain Gymnastics” and others).

The simpler exercises are the easier it is to do them. That is why I recommend to you to repeat every exercise 10 times. It will be enough for training and loading of the muscles. It is important to train slowly, because in this case your muscles will memorize correct pose and move. If an exercise is static-isometric, that is should be made without moving, it must be done for 5-10 seconds. If an exercise is dynamic there are some points in it where you will have to stay for 1-2 seconds. These moments are pointed out in every separate case.

EASY POSTURE system is not a program of “pumping” muscles. This is the way of life, new habits that let us enjoy our bodies, moves, and keep our spines and joints healthy during years. Feel the philosophy of such training!

Doing EASY POSTURE exercises you not just correct your posture. Your spine and joints will live in a right position and experience the least loading. Pain in a spine, neck, back, and loin will disappear. You will easily do all your work about the house. Even work in a sedentary position will be pleasant for you.

If you posture is physiologic and correct your gastrointestinal tract works well. The work of your lungs and your breath improve, you can breathe freely.

In most cases vegetovascular dystonia attacks are provoked by a wrong sedentary pose. When your posture improves vegetative disorders, fear, and unpleasant feelings in the area of a heart disappear.

The total interconnection that exists in an organism proves that posture influences mood. If you suffer from depression or stress posture improvement will improve your vitality and help get rid of psychological tension. EASY POSTURE is a pledge of perfect mood!

Our children are our continuation, that is why you have to involve them into EASY POSTURE training. Instead of blaming them for a crooked back at the table teach them how to save correct posture for the whole their lives.

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