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Posture. Which mattress is the best for sleep?

By Editorial Team (2)
January 30, 2022

Of course, the best rest is sleep! Or at least a horizontal position. But what is best to lie on? There is a widespread opinion that it’s best for the back to lay on boards! Our ancestors preferred just the opposite: thick feather beds. So does it really matter what you lie on? Does posture even exist in a horizontal position?

I often meet patients who tell me they suffer from back pain after sleep. Even after a thorough examination I can’t find any evidence of disease, but their backs still ache every morning. The reason for this pain is a wrong sleeping position. I still remember the bed I had to sleep on in the dormitory of my medical institute. Its iron frame hung down like a hammock. If you lie on a bed like this, your whole spine will become arch-shaped. Its curves will disappear, especially in the area where the movable spinal parts transition to motionless ones: in your neck and low back. You will end up being one continuous arch. After sleeping on this kind of bed, you will suffer from neck pain and your lower back will ache.

Another reason for morning back pain is beds that are too hard. Hard beds straighten out the natural spinal curves. They disappear. The result is the same as having slept in a hammock: your back will ache after sleeping on the floor just as though are “a princess on the pea.”

So even while you’re sleeping you have to maintain your natural spinal curves or physiologic posture. But in your sleep, you can’t control what you do!  What’s the answer? Let Majesty Mattress help you!

A modern mattress can be considered a miracle of engineering thought. Lots of independent springs, mattress layers of different hardness’s, cosmic materials that can repeat the shape of your body: All this was invented for your good night’s sleep. Selection is wide and can be difficult. Let me try to help you make the right choice.  

Everyone understands by now that old mattresses and springs should be thrown away. You can’t improve these.  Your mattress should be orthopedic. This word tells you that its producers were thinking about the problems we’re discussing and have tried to solve them. A mattress needs to be firm enough to maintain your body in a straight position, but have enough “give” to be able to repeat the shape of your body and save its curves. One of the variants is many independent springs. Another variant is the most fantastic natural and artificial materials. These options can be combined in one mattress, for example, in the form of different supporting layers with unique properties. In any case, a mattress must not smell (mattresses with natural components often smell), it must have a removable cover, and be comfortable. When choosing a mattress, lie on it for five or ten minutes. You shouldn’t be rushed. You are choosing good sleep!

When you’re traveling or staying at someone’s home, you can’t choose. That’s why many people suffer from back pain after a trip. They feel bad because they miss their mattress! But this problem can be also solved. If you’re going to sleep on a very hard bed, you can imitate a mattress filling in the spaces between your body and the hard bed with small rollers. You can make these out of towels and put them under your low back or behind your neck. This might make your home-away-from-home more restful. Sweet dreams! 


  • You have to maintain your natural spinal curves both when standing and while lying down.
  • You can’t go wrong with an orthopedic mattress of medium firmness.
  • If you have to sleep on a hard bed, put small rollers under your neck or low back.

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