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Scandi Sense Diet

By Editorial Team (Y)
August 27, 2022


The Scandi Sense Diet encourages using your hands instead of equipment to measure food. This eating program was invented by Suzy Wengel and aims to enhance weight loss. The name the Scandi Sense Diet is referred to as “common sense” because it is based on common sense regarding the types and amounts of food we eat.
This diet plan involves three meals per day without any snacks. In addition, at least two of these dishes must be comprised of one serving of starch or fruit, one-two serving of vegetables, and one serving of protein. In the Scandi Sense Diet, you measure servings in handfuls. Therefore, to measure and regulate the food you should consume each meal, you will use your palms. You can consume up to four handfuls of food for one meal. If your dishes are nutrient-dense and well-balanced, it will be enough for you to feel full.
The Scandi Sense Diet is designed to be suitable for all followers, regardless of their weight and size. It can be considered a lifestyle, not a short-run dieting plan. You do not need to modify your eating plan completely. Instead, you will adjust it and consume a Scandi Sense version of what you usually eat. This makes it easier to follow such an eating plan in the long term.

Key points

The Scandi Sense Diet establishes the following five rules:

  1. Eat three meals a day, and avoid snacking. Each meal must be well-balanced and last you for the next 5-6 hours. You should stick to such a schedule for at least the first 14 days of your diet.
  2. Measure each meal’s amount of food with your handfuls. Whenever you are ready to eat, measure handfuls of food and put them on your plate.
  3. Include up to four handfuls of food in each meal. Suzy Wengel, the author of this eating program, called it a “meal box”. Each “meal box” needs to be composed in this way:
    1. 1-2 handfuls of vegetables
    2. 1 handful of fruits or carbs, such as potatoes, pasta, bread, or rice
    3. 1 handful of protein, like salmon, chicken, or eggs
    4. Up to 3 tablespoons of fat. You can consume such fats as butter, olive oil, or mayonnaise
    5. In addition, this eating program allows about 10 ounces of dairy products daily
  4. Use common sense while planning your meals. Wengel warns that if the portion seems too good to be true, it’s probably like this since some people may get enthusiastic about how much foods fit into their hands. For example, some people consider two chicken filets stacked on top of one another as one handful of protein.
  5. Alcohol, sweets, and soda are considered “indulgences”. You can adjust your meals to include listed products occasionally. For example, if you want a glass of wine with your dinner, you would not add a handful of carbs to this meal. A slice of cake will make you skip half a meal or even the whole one.


The Scandi Sense Diet is unsuitable for children, so they should avoid following it. Moreover, people over 60 or patients with injuries or diabetes must consult with their physicians before starting this eating program.

How to avoid possible nutritional deficiencies

The Scandi Sense Diet is not highly restrictive and allows the consumption of all food groups. Therefore, this eating plan has no possible nutritional deficiencies if you eat well-balanced, nutrient-dense meals.

Tips on improving your dieting experience

  • Ensure that you eat three meals every day in a balanced manner. For example, cut your earlier meals in half if you are going to a restaurant for a significant portion of food in the evening.
  • The Scandi Sense eating program requires you to plan your meals. Ensure you have enough prepared vegetables and lean protein in case you are craving carb-heavy fast foods at the last moment. 


The Scandi Sense Diet can be considered a healthy way to lose weight since it does not restrict any healthy food groups and does not lead to nutrient deficiency. In addition, if you eat well-balanced meals, you can feel full during the day and not experience any energy drop or fatigue.
Nonetheless, it is better to talk with your physician before beginning this diet plan to make sure that your health condition is optimal to follow such an eating program.

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